Eight (8) websites to learn Digital Skills for Free

Happy new Month August. I have curated these lists of free
websites you can learn valuable skills for free this month. I believe that if
you want to increase your income, you must also increase your earning ability by upgrading your skills and monetizing them. In this digital age, you can
leverage digital skills, master them and know what to do with them and achieve something meaningful from them.

I want to share with you 8 free websites you can learn any digital skill for free:

1.      To win the battle against poverty in Africa, we
must equip our youth with digital skills that empower them for the jobs of the future is the African development bank mission for establishing code for employment platform.  SIGN UP HERE

2.       Udacity offers free courses that you can leverage. Are you just starting up a business, Udacity has a free course for you. In this free course you will learn how to build a startup.  


3.     Do you want to learn graphic designs for free, you are in the right place to find the right platform. Hubspot academy  gives you that opportunity. So you can click the link below to get started SIGN UP HERE

4.       Do you want to become a front end web developer and know the basic programming languages that power websites on the internet. This free course on HTML and CSS can get you started at Udacity.

Click Here to Sign up for Free

5.       Simplilearn is another app you can learn over 50 digital skills for free on the go. You can download the app and learn at your pace as you go.


6.       Do you want to get certified as a social media marketer, don’t look elsewhere, this course will get you on the track and you know they offer free certificate. The course also includes social media strategy.

Click Here to Sign up for Free

7.       Amazon Web Service Skill builder program is a go-to learning centre to build in-demand cloud skills. Cloud computing is shaping the global internet space. You can join here with free trainings available;


8.       My last but not the least website or platform you can learn free skills from is atingi, they have a vision to have a world in which digital learning is inclusive, accessible, relevant, safe and secure for all.

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