Apply for Huawei 2022 worldwide Developers contest

This Contest is open to developers from all over the world. You may participate in the Contest on your own, or as part of a team (hereinafter referred to collectively as a “Participant”). You must sign in to your HUAWEI ID to be an eligible Participant. You must be 18 years of age or over to enter the competition. You are not eligible as a Participant if you are: (1) Under the age of 18; (2) an employee of Huawei or any of its affiliates, an employee of Huawei’s advertising, creative, or public relations agency, a program organizer, or if you are connected in any way to such an employee, such as being a member of their immediate family. Huawei may ask for proof of age or identity of any Participant. If prizes cannot be distributed due to a Participant’s provision of incomplete/incorrect personal data, the Participant shall forfeit their eligibility to receive a prize. Winners of the Contest must submit details of a valid bank account within the period specified by Huawei, in order for Huawei to transfer cash prizes to them. Winners of the Contest must promptly inform Huawei of any changes to their bank details. The rules for setting up a team are as follows: (1) Each Participant can join only one (1) team. (2) Each team must comprise between one (1) and four (4) members. (3) Each team must have a name. Team names that are vulgar or defamatory or infringe on the legitimate rights of any third party are prohibited. (4) Individuals or teams may only participate once and only in one (1) region. (5) When you join a team, your personal data, such as your profile picture, name, and contact information will be shared within the team and you explicitly consent to this. (6) A team must have a team leader who is responsible for managing the team, such as inviting or removing members, submitting Works, and being a point of contact for Huawei. (7) A team member can apply to join or leave a team. (8) The score for a submission to the Contest by a team belongs to the team. If a member leaves the team, the team score shall not be affected. Participants can update their entries before the registration deadline on October 9, 2022 at 18:00, Beijing time (UTC+8). Once submitted, the entries cannot be withdrawn. Works must comply with the following requirements to be a valid entry for the Contest: (1) With express, prior, and written authorization of rights holders, Works may use third-party game engines, middleware, open-source software, or code libraries. (2) Each individual or team must fully comply with the HUAWEI Developers Service Agreement and any other agreement clauses and terms applicable to services, including the HUAWEI Developers Merchant Service AgreementHUAWEI Partner Paid Service Agreement, and the T&Cs for using AppGallery Connect and Huawei Mobile Services (“HMS”) Core. (3) Works must fully comply with the release policies for HUAWEI AppGallery.

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